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Webvõrk — Look at the CPA in a new way

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    Affiliate marketing digits

    Hello to everyone!
    Today we’re going to be talking about an important marketing element called pre-landing page.
    We’ll tell you what it is, why it is so important, what you can do to get high conversion rates, and enjoy your ad campaigns with at least 200% ROI.

    Let’s go!

    Read the article here: https://bit.ly/2S3g6O0


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      Peace. Labor. Top!

      Guys, this week’s list of top approved offers has faced significant changes. All three positions are taken by offers that were’t ranked this high last week.
      First place goes to Parazax Complex with its 43% approval rate in Austria. Second position is owned by Italian Varilux Premium, 43% approval.
      And the last offer in this top three is Artrolux + in Czech Republic with a 42% approval rate.

      Follow our top approved offer list and earn that coin


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        Webvork opens a window to Europe!

        Webvork has been a leader for the highest nutra rates in Europe for a couple of years already, and now we’re giving each of our publisher an opportunity to win an apartment in Europe!

        «Window to Europe» is a contest the size and generosity of which is going to **** you away!
        Affiliates participating in the contest can claim over:

        • Stocks of International IT companies shares in denomination of 1 million rubles.
        • Travel gift certificates.
        • A real briefcase with 500.000 rubles in cash.
        • An apartment in Europe!

        Main prizes will be given away during the private final gathering in Moscow, December 2021.

        Any participant can become a winner and all you need to do for this is drive traffic with any Webvork offer under CPA or CPL models, earning bonus points!

        All the bonus points can be swapped for prizes from the WebvorkShop.

        This way, each of the contest participants will be able to get a prize!

        Want to know more about the contest? Go to the https://windowineurope.com website to find all the details.

        Roll in right now and get the highest chance to have the beautiful prize because luck is a moody lady, don’t make her wait!


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          Let’s carry on with Webvork Italian weeks!

          Dear publishers, this spring we decided to stuff your wallets with money real good. This is why you’re getting increased rates for
          a range of our bestselling offers in Italy, till the end of May.

          Go to your personal account and generate traffic with the coolest rates that no one else will offer you:

          VARILUX PREMIUM — from 35€
          ONIXAN — from 40€
          Artrolux+ — 40€
          Cannabisvital Oil — from 40€
          CYSTINORM — from 38€
          PARAZAX — from 35€

          Offer period from April 19 to May 31.

          And, in May we’re awarding you with two times more bonus points for leads from Italy! This is a great chance to speed up and swap coins for your prize from our WebvorkShop.

          Have any questions left? Contact your personal manager, they will be glad to consult you regarding all the special offers and will help you with your ad campaigns


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            Creative Room — your source of inspiration!

            Varicosis can be a very clingy thing to deal with, and unfortunately, many people have to face it daily. Varicose is often considered a female disease,
            although it’s wrong to think so and no one regardless of their *** is immune to this.

            Today’s article guest is our anti-varicose solution, VARILUX PREMIUM. Here, you will find all the necessary information about the offer,

            as well as examples of creatives for your ad campaigns!

            Read the article here: https://bit.ly/3egt5od