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    The Webvork affiliate network has data on targeted audiences regarding each of our offers. We’ve gathered this details from the report on valid leads through the existence of our CPA network.

    These statistics will save you testing time and score you more knowledge about your target audience.

    Today we have for you the Cute Cat offer audience stats. Do your research and earn that profit!

    The link: https://bit.ly/3wCYwzn


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      Tomorrow’s June 1st! Do you want to know what offers are going to be hot this summer? Meet our list of top approved offers!

      Switzerland, again, was the first one in the rating. The Slim4Vit weight loss offer had earned a 49% approval rate in this region.

      The second spot was won over by Varilux Premium in Italy with a 42% approval rate. Third place belongs to the ultimate Cannabisvital Oil offer, a 40% approval rate.

      Follow our list of top approved offers and earn that coin!


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        Are you already a participant of Webvork’s “Window to Europe” contest, dreaming of earning more bonus points? It is now possible, thanks to our primary sponsor — dont.farm!

        dont.farm offers you a unique working mechanism — accounts based on monthly subscription:
        Over 150 GEOs;
        BM, Fan Pages, Ad Accounts for free;
        Fast account replacement;
        Premium proxy.

        Sign up to DONT.FARM now: https://bit.ly/2Quqjmo

        Proceed to drive traffic to any Webvork offers using our partner’s services, and get you bonus points tripled for the whole month of June!

        All your bonus points will be tripled according to the bonus boost at the end of June, only after data collation among Webvork and dont.farm. Bonus points will be added starting from July 1!
        Find all the details about the contest here: https://windowineurope.com


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          Всем привет!

          Вы когда-нибудь задумывались, сколько команд и сигналов отправляет и получает ежедневно наш мозг? И, с таким объемом заданий, с такими скоростями, ваш мозг всегда ищет способы выполнения его работы еще быстрее.

          О когнитивных функциях, таких как память, решение проблем, а также принятие решений, мы сегодня и поговорим. А интересовать нас будет принятие решения о покупках.

          Ссылка на статью: https://bit.ly/2S5OB6X


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            The “Window to Europe” contest media partner – CPA MAFIA, an affiliate media!

            CPA MAFIA has been having publisher’s backs in terms of information and education for a couple of years already.
            On their forum https://cpamafia.pro, you can start your own branch providing your services or ask any question you have.
            And on their website https://cpamafia.top, you will find a ton of useful content, from guides to test cases.
            In the chat https://t.me/cpamafia_chat, you can discuss traffic and find many likeminded people.

            Follow our partner's resources and drive traffic wisely!

            Find out all the details about the “Window to Europe” contest, its sponsors, rules, and ways you can win an apartment in Europe on this website: https://windowineurope.com


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              The first list of top approved offers of this summer is ready to take you on a ride and tell you what are the best offers to drive traffic to this June!

              The first place is won over by the anti-varicose product in Italy. The Varilux Premium’s approval rate was 45%. Second spot is taken by the legendary Prostatricum. In Portugal, this offer’s approval rate was 39%.

              And the third place went to Onixan, the anti-fungus solution, 36% approval rate.

              Follow our list of top approved offset and earn that coin!


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                It’s new season already, which means that we need to freshen up our wardrobes!

                We’re giving our merch away to everyone who gives a real and positive feedback on working with Webvork on these resources:

                1. CPA MAFIA forum https://bit.ly/3eWTXbx
                2. CPA MAFIA website https://bit.ly/32F8xiZ

                How to get your merch:
                • go to our partner’s website under these links
                • post a review
                • attach a screenshot and a link to your review in our messages on Facebook/VK/Direct

                You can see our bomb merch here


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                  Filter your traffic profitably!

                  Contemporary affiliate can hardly get away without using specialized tools to filter traffic from bots and... moderation

                  We suggest you try out the Hide.click service especially that you can now do it with a 25% discount using our WEBVORK promo code!

                  HideClick is:
                  - A free trial period for 7 days with no limitations
                  - Works with FB/Adwords/Direct/TikTok and other traffic sources
                  - PHP/JS/API/WebView integration
                  - Unlimited domains/companies/traffic
                  - Video lessons for beginners
                  - Swift integration and scaling up to any sizes

                  Hope you get your profit!


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                    Creative Room — your source of inspiration! Hello everyone! Recently our affiliate network got its first non-nutra offer, it’s a white offer. Moreover, it’s so white that there’s no need to use systems that substitute your content. Today we’ll tell you everything about the Black Pearl offer, and we’ll show you creatives we’ve prepared and that other publishers use in their work.

                    Find the article here: https://bit.ly/3iEaODM


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                      Brand new WEBVORKSHOP!

                      Is it possible to cater to the taste of every affiliate? We at Webvork know how it’s done! This is why we’ve updated the selection of our prizes as much as possible to suit even the pickiest attitudes

                      At the store, you will find 400+ different items — from wallets to quadro cycles. And the best thing is that you can take it all for free as a gift for the traffic you’ve driven.

                      Choose your gift here https://shop.webvork.com

                      And if you like to play high then go take part in the competition for an apartment in Europe! Details: https://windowineurope.com