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Webvõrk — Look at the CPA in a new way

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  • Webvõrk — Look at the CPA in a new way

    We are Webvõrk — an affiliate network with our exclusive health and beauty offers. As a direct advertiser, Webvõrk offers the highest payouts on the market. We have dedicated call centres with amazing staff in each country where we sell our products to keep approve rates incredibly high. We are always looking for an individual and flexible approach to our partner — you.

    All of the above means that our affiliates get the maximum ROI on their traffic.

    Go on and test it yourself!

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    Seasons change, holidays go by, but pur top offers, as alway, brighten our Monday!

    Today, the first one is Prostatricum for Italy with a 39% approval rate, and payouts from €34. Then goes Keton Activ, a weight-loss product, which is pretty predictable, since spring’s coming
    This offer has got a 37% approval rate in Austria.

    Third place gets Prostatricum for Spain - 35% approval with payouts starting from €30.

    Check our top offers weekly, and gain your profit!


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      Protect yourself from undesired traffic!

      Since today is the Defender of the Fatherland day, we’re giving all of our followers a 40% discount for CLAOK IT

      CLOAK IT is a trusted traffic filtrating service:
      The biggest bots and moderators catalogue
      Works with any traffic sources
      2-minute klo@ki optimization
      No programming skills needed
      Cloud service, so there’s no need to buy your own service an install software

      Support team: t.me/cloakit

      Use our “WEBVORK” discount code to save 40% when using such beneficial affiliate marketing tool!


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        Today we brought you a big interview with a publisher guy who was able to make 700k profit in 26 hours, jokes aside.

        Meet Nikolay Dolgopolov, the creator of the DLG | Affiliate Marketing public page on VK.
        We were happy to interview Nikolay and ask his opinion on the current situation in the media buying world.

        Find the interview here: http://bit.ly/30i8cBv


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          Get ready for our guaranteed presents!

          The feeling of freedom and wild adventures can be a reality with the Harley Davidson Roadster motorcycle.
          And you can get this bike at our Webvork bonus store for your saved up points.

          What does it mean?
          No need to pay for anything. Just drive traffic to any of our offers, save bonus points and swap them for the double-wheeled motorcycle legend

          Find out all the details at Webvorkshop or by contacting your manager


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            Even the International Women’s Day is not a reason to put off releasing our new TOP offers, because true publishers work all day everyday!

            So the last week’s leader was Keton Active in Austria with a 39% approval rate. The Prostatricum offer got 38% in Germany this time.
            Third place goes out to Slim4Vit in Italy. Its average approval rate was 36% with €34 payouts per lead

            Don’t forget to check our TOP ratings to earn your profit!


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              Get six cards by only paying for five!

              Of course we know what exactly every publisher needs – cards that pay for advertising!

              This is why we’ve partnered up with the Extracard virtual card selling service for affiliates
              And we aren’t just ordinary partners, but we also got all of you a cool benefit: buy 5 cards and get the 6th one for free!

              A little bit about the Extracard service:

              • Buy cards without using your ID;
              • Get your card in under 5 minutes;
              • Unique BIN;
              • Platinum plastic credit cards;
              • Get 3ds codes and all SMS in your personal account.

              Use our WEBVORK discount code to get a free card

              Link to the service: https://extracard.net


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                Our call center will handle all of your lead applications!

                As you may know, once a month we like to share our call center transcripts with you.

                Recently we’ve posted a script of a call from an Austrian call center.

                By sharing it we:
                1. Try to add transparency in our relationship with you;
                2. Want to let you know how to handle offer applications in a way that the work at call canters runs smoothly;
                3. Seek to give you another opportunity to see that Webvork actually works hard for your profit!

                Link: http://bit.ly/2ZJHeSG


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                  Hi everyone!
                  Here’s the new highest approved offers compilation, so you don’t get caught up thinking what’s better to work with, and your Monday becomes even more productive

                  This week’s leader is Czech Republic with the Prostatricum offer and a 54% average approval rate.
                  Second place goes to the Prostatricum Plus offer in Italy. The offer’s approval rate was 48%.
                  And the anti-varicose Varilux Premium takes the third place. In Italy this offer had a 42% approval rate.

                  Follow our TOP rating and gain your profit


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                    Let’s send your CTR to the stars!

                    It surely will be astronomical if you’ll start using Webvork’s Nutra photos that in your creatives.
                    We’ve prepared them especially for you

                    Get a pack with Keton Active promo-materials here:http://bit.ly/3ulIhXg

                    Adding lively photos to your landing pages as product feedback will get you even better conversion!


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                      We know it becomes harder and harder to advertise on Facebook. Some publishers leave for TikTok, the others explore Google.
                      We advise that you try teaser networks.

                      And we even have assembled a list of native networks for various regions. Check out all 110 networks!

                      Find the list here: https://bit.ly/33ztNr0

                      Read, pick, and test! And don’t forget to drive traffic to WEBVORK nutra offers: teaser-network traffic works perfectly for them!


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                        Use Creative Room as your source of inspiration!

                        Parasites can terrify anyone, and a though that someone else lives in your body, consuming your vitamins and nutritions is simply a nightmare. This is why we have an anti-parasite type of offers that help to get rid of this problem.

                        In our new article we will talk about creatives and methods to drive traffic to our anti-parasite Parazax offer

                        Link to the article: http://bit.ly/37NxkE5


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                          This new Webvork offer is a blast!

                          We’re happy to present you our new offer – Cysti Norm

                          Cysti Norm is made to help people with cystitis. It is a plant-based, European market quality product.

                          Why should you drive traffic to Cysti Norm?

                          fresh offer
                          awesome packaging design
                          nicely thought-out landing and pre landing pages
                          quality ingredients and packaging
                          payouts from €35

                          Find the offer here: https://bit.ly/3lFdNLV

                          Currently available for Italy
                          Hurry up and be one of the first people to earn your profit with the latest product!


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                            Save yourself some time with this information we got for you, because now you don’t have to spend your money on tests – Webvork has done it for you!

                            Offers’ target audience data is taken from a valid leads report though our affiliate network’s lifetime

                            Read about Imunno + Complex offer target audience in today’s stats

                            Link to the insights: http://bit.ly/3kqV2uS


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                              100€ for tests!

                              Hi guys!

                              We’ve been thinking about what would be interesting, exciting, original, useful, and relatable enough for you to read about. And we’ve come up with a new column for you, called €100 for tests, where you will look through a report of our offer’s test conducted by a guest buyer!

                              And in the first passage we’ve examined a launch with the Prostatricum offer in Spain.

                              Read our article to find out what creatives, pre-landing, landing pages, and cloaking services were used for this purpose, and what results we got.

                              Link to the article:https://bit.ly/3faDanK