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    The BONUS-POINTS BOOST MONTH is going to be over in 10 days!

    Hurry up and triple your chances to win in Webvork’s “Wndow to Europe” contest. Our primary sponsor dont.farm is giving ypu this opportunity up to the end of June!

    All you need to do is drive traffic to any Webvork offers and earn your bonus points while using dont.farm account service subscription and boost your bonus points x3!

    When choosing dont.farm, you choose:
    Over 150 GEOs;
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    All your bonus points will be tripled according to the bonus boost at the end of June, only after data collation among Webvork and dont.farm. Bonus points will be added starting from July 1!

    Find all the details about the contest here: https://windowineurope.com


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      Hello everyone!
      We at Webvork have decided to tell you about the algorithm for finding nice white pages.
      This method is good for multipage white page sites and landing pages. Both of those are easily created, the only difference is in time.

      Read the article here: https://bit.ly/3gUguHs


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        Guys! Webvork regularly holds live streams and shoots educational videos, so, without further ado, subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss anything!

        Right now, the channel has several interesting taped streams and interviews, and very soon – July 1, we’re uploading a new video about ***** nutra affiliate marketing. It’s going to be hot

        Also, on our channel, you can find all the CPA marathon videos – learn affiliate marketing inside and out
        Working with trackers, landing pages, traffic filtrating systems and anti-detect browser manuals – all of that is talked about by the market experts and service owners!

        Subscribe here:

        And don’t forget to turn on notifications


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          The first summer month has practically flown by, let’s recap this June with out list of top approved offers!

          And the first place of the last week was taken by Varilux Premium in Austria with an average approval rate of 49%. Second spot went to Slim4Vit, the weight-loss product. In Czech Republic, this offer’s approval rate was 42%. The third place goes out to Artrolux+. Switzerland that we’ve recently launched has not been off of our list since its first day in our network, this time this offer in this region got a 41% approval rate.

          Follow our list of top approved offers and earn that coin


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            Affiliate digits

            Hello everyone! We at Webvork are always thinking about the topics we can elaborate on for you. And, after going through some affiliate marketing chat groups, we’ve concluded that not everyone knows how to use spy services correctly.

            We are going to tell you about fishing for all the information from spy services and not just searching for creatives. This is a pretty long read, so sit down and memorize this stuff.

            Read the article here: https://bit.ly/3A86XW9


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              **** up the score table by tripling your bonus points!

              How, you ask? Very easily! Use the extra.card service for the whole month of July while participating in the “Window to Europe” contest and get your bonus boost

              ExtraCard is a subscription based online bank card service for affiliates.
              The subscription includes an unlimited number of cards!
              Card reissuing costs only 690 rub

              What are the pros of an extracard.net card?
              Purchasing a card with no documents required
              Card issuing takes less than 5 minutes
              Unique BIN numbers
              Platinum plastic credit cards
              3ds codes, all the sms-messages come to your personal account

              Forget about payment inconveniences on Facebook and Google by using ExtraCard: https://bit.ly/3fBxH7O

              All the bonus points will be triples according to the boost as a result of July strictly after Webvork and extra.card conduct reconciliation check. Bonus points will be added to you on August 1!


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                Hi everyone! It’s time we find out what offers are showing the best results, in what countries, and with which approval rates

                So, at the end of last week, the first one in the run was Slim4Vit in Switzerland, this weight loss product’s approval rate was 51%.

                The second spot was taken over by Varilux Premium with a 40% approval rate in Italy. Third place went to Artrolux+. In Czechia, this offer got a 38% approval rate.

                Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin


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                  Let’s speed up your ad campaign launches!

                  We’ve gathered and translated search semantics for you for all Webvork offers GEOs. These were put together by our context ads specialists and translated by native speakers which means that these keywords are top-level quality

                  Also, this means that you won’t need to spend your time to semantics anymore and that your ad campaigns will be launching faster

                  Here’s where you can find our semantics:

                  1. In your Webvork personal account. Choose an offer and click Promo.

                  2. On Google Drive under this link: https://bit.ly/3h7Vg7D

                  3. On a VKontakte discussion board: https://vk.com/topic-153500401_40602500

                  Good luck with your launches!


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                    Want to get a recipe for a profit this summer?
                    Here it is: a top offer + a fresh GEO!

                    We’ve opened Portugal for our weight loss product Idealis. What does this mean? It means that you can earn good money with a respectable for other GEOs offer and adapt your campaign approaches you use with other regions for Portugal

                    Portugal is a country with a nice purchasing power, better than in many Balkan and Baltic countries.

                    Get the offer: http://bit.ly/38MuPj7

                    Payouts start from 25€ under CPA

                    Have any questions left? Ask your personal manager, they will help you with your promos, translations, and will consult you on rates and our loyalty program


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                      С ветерком навстречу подаркам!
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                      Друзья, обновлённый магазин подарков Webvork с удовольствием выполнит любой ваш каприз, но и без капризов нам есть, чем вас порадовать

                      Всего лишь за 2561 WCOINS вы можете забрать классный электросамокат, который станет вашим любимым спутником этого лета!

                      Как получить новенький самокат? Лей на офферы Webvork, копи баллы за каждый аппрув, а затем меняй их в нашем магазине подарков Webvork Shop! А также автоматически получай возможность участвовать в нашем конкурсе «Окно в Европу», где главный приз — квартира в Испании!

                      Еще больше подарков:https://shop.webvork.com


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                        Всем привет! Мы в Webvork всегда думаем над контентом и стараемся сделать его для арбитражников именно полезным, а не просто интересным.
                        Нашим сегодняшним гостем стал трекер PeerClick.

                        Уверены, не нужно объяснять, зачем нужен трекер, каждый использует его по-своему, но мы точно знаем, что в арбитраже трекеры
                        используются для реализации системы «фильтрации трафика». И для многих именно эта функция играет ключевую роль.

                        В этой статье мы научимся это делать с помощью трекера PeerClick.

                        Ссылка на статью: https://bit.ly/2TTHMWX


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                          The life of affiliate community is shining bright on Instagram!

                          Don’t miss out on trends — follow our Webvork Instagram and find out all the important news in a convenient format: maximum style with minimum words

                          Also, follow our affiliate network’s life and the latest news about the affiliate world. You’ll get to read about the main events, see live photos and reports from conferences!

                          Here’s our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/webvork


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                            The “Window to Europe” media partner CPA RIP!

                            Who doesn’t know about the CPA.RIP affiliate media source? A lot of you probably like gaging at their memes and reading their always-relevant articles!

                            On our partner’s website, you will find a lot of interesting materials about passing moderation and risk payments, convertible creatives and the ways to make them, how to set up cloaking services, and what’s going on with events in the affiliate world!

                            Go to the website https://cpa.rip to read their articles, unique cases, and other publishers’ blogposts.

                            Take part in Webvork’s “Window to Europe” contest. Find more information about the contest and ways you can win an apartment in Europe on the official website: https://windowineurope.com


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                              The last week of July should be remembered by nice weather as well as by awesome offers. So, meet out new list of top approved offers

                              Last week’s approval rates are just a delight – all three of the places are higher than 40%.
                              Prostatricum in Austria has earned the first spot – 52%. The second place went to Varilux Premium, an approval rate of which was 44%.
                              And our new offer that helps with cystitis called Cystinorm has conquered the third place with a 40% approval rate in Italy.

                              Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin


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                                Guys! What do we know about Portugal?
                                It’s a beautiful country by the ocean, people there produce high-quality leather items, but the main thing for us is that Portugal favors nutra!

                                But let’s talk about a couple of other things regarding this gorgeous country:

                                The internet is used by over a half of the population — around 5m people;

                                The most popular social media platforms, messengers, and websites are Facebook; Hl5; Instagram; Twitter; Blogger. com; Google; YouTube; Sapo. pt (web portal); iol. pt (news portal).

                                Language for creatives — Portuguese (our Webvork specialists will help you with free translations);

                                The majority of residents uses smartphones to surf the internet.

                                In the Webvork affiliate network, you will find several top-rated nutra offers for Portugal, our rates can make your day — up to €32 per lead