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    Who wants to get a new Webvork offer?
    Dear affiliates, today we’re having a special occasion – the Webvork offer family is one member bigger now! Please meet the liver recovery solution Hepasanol

    This is a natural treatment made with herbs that relieves negative alcohol impact. It’s perfect as a preventative measure. The ingredients would be well approved by Prometheus himself!

    And now, let’s get down to business

    Payouts starting from €32
    GEO - Italy
    Offer link: https://bit.ly/3f68nY8

    Drive traffic to the new offer and reap your harvest


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      Самый выгодный и разнообразный магазин подарков только у нас!

      Друзья, в нашем новом магазине бонусов вы найдёте огромное количество товаров, заказать которые можно совершено бесплатно, рассчитываясь только коинами Webvork

      Как получить монеты?

      Лей в Webvork и за каждый аппрув получай коины, а потом обменивай их на ценные призы!

      Например, на массажное кресло Futuro, которое станет отличным дополнением к вашему офису

      Подробнее о призах: https://shop.webvork.com


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        It’s August – time to gather your money harvest!
        Which is an easy task with our top approved offers

        Last week, Varilux Premium had taken over the leading positions in two countries – Austria and Italy. In Austria, the approval rate was 47%, and it was 5% fewer in Italy. This helped the offer get both 1st and 3rd places.

        The second place in our rating went to Prostatricum Plus in Italy, 45%.

        Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin


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          Webvork always strives to make a publisher’s life easier, and this is why we only recommend you useful services that we’re sure of.

          You can spare yourself some routine with the help of such tool as DOLPHIN

          Just look at its features:
          Automated ad campaign launches
          Relieve your accounts from value added taxes
          Apply rules to your accounts in one click
          Statistics divided by: users, account groups, accounts, data, adsets, ads
          Ads management
          Comment moderation
          Telegram notifications
          IM KLO management and statistics

          Using the WEBVORK discount code, all of our followers can enjoy a 20% discount to buy the service access and forget about routine work!


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            Today we’re going to be talking to Ivan Ivanov, the creator of the “Selskiy arbitrazh” public page. The interview turned out to be very interesting. We’ve talked about professional ups and downs, contemporary Facebook realities, and other traffic sources. And also, Ivan shared his strategy on recovering disabled Facebook ad accounts, as well as many other things you can find out by reading this article.

            Link to the article: https://bit.ly/2Vy6Ao1


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              Please welcome the latest list of Webvork top approved offers!

              So, last week you’ve all been driving your traffic successfully, and one of the results, except your freshly stuffed wallets, is the new set of leaders.
              The first place went to Parazax Complex in Austria with a 51% approval rate.

              The second spot’s got Cystinorm with a 40% approval rate. The third position was won over by CARDIOBALANCE in Italy — 39% of approval.

              Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin


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                It hasn’t been that long since we’ve introduced our new offer, it’s already available for two top GEOs!

                German and Austrian people can easily continue drinking lots of beer since Hepanasol is going to be protecting their liver

                This natural solution will ease negative consequences of alcohol consumption and help revive liver cells.

                Germany — from €30
                Austria — from €32

                Link to the offer: https://bit.ly/3f68nY8

                Feel free to contact your personal manager about rates, help with creatives or translations


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                  Get ready to drive traffic to this season’s top offer!

                  Even when people swim in warm water, they still may still miss hypothermia that can cause cystitis.
                  And, add this information to the fact that nights are only about to get colder and water will get more and more chilly, and here’s your perfect way to earn money with affiliate marketing for this summer and fall seasons – the Cystinorm offer

                  Link to the offer: https://bit.ly/3lFdNLV
                  GEO: Italy
                  Payouts starting from €35

                  This offer is new for our affiliate network, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to be one of the first publishers to earn with it!


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                    Have you already tried our promising latest offer?

                    Hepasanol is a liver supplement that helps recover liver, as well as your affiliate income, since driving traffic to Hepasanol,
                    you get that fresh new offer in an awesome high-end packaging with luxurious payouts for three wealthy GEOs:

                    Offer payouts:
                    Italy from €32
                    Germany from €30
                    Austria from €32

                    Offer link: https://bit.ly/3f68nY8

                    Interested yet? Hurry up and contact your personal manager to find out all the details of this offer and drive that traffic!


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                      AFFILIATE TALKS

                      We’ve prepared a really interesting interview for you today. Perhaps many of you often hang out in affiliate group chats looking for advice.
                      Well, you may have seen a person with the “Kyzne4ik
                      ” nickname there, an administrator of almost all affiliate chats. Although not many
                      people know that this guy’s name is Pavel and he has a huge bundle of knowledge and experience that we’re going to be talking about in this interview.

                      As far as we’re concerned, Pavel isn’t just a successful affiliate, he’s also a great person that’s always ready to help those who got confused on their challenging path in this field.

                      Enjoy the reading!

                      Find the interview here: https://bit.ly/3jK4c5N


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                        Всю неделю вы лили трафик на наши офферы, и сегодня пришло время узнать, какая тройка стала лидерами по аппруву!

                        Первое место занял Artrolux + на богатейшую Швейцарию. И это неудивительно, ведь швейцарцы славятся своим основательным подходом к покупкам — если уж заказывать, то и выкупать

                        На второй строчке расположился Prostatricum Plus — 47% на Италию, выплата по офферу стартует с 34€ за лид
                        На третьем месте — наша новинка Cardio Balance — лето, жара, все это негативно влияет на сердечников, а наше средство Cardio Balance помогает с профилактикой.

                        Следи за нашим ТОПом и лей только в плюс!


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                          Making money off of internet traffic?
                          And what if it’s possible for you to earn even more?

                          It’s all possible and easy to do with Webvork!

                          Invite your fellow affiliates to drive traffic within Webvork affiliate network and get 5% of the income of each friend you invite.

                          And to make it easier for you to recommend us, here’s a list of our advantages:
                          - our own professional call centers, we do provide phone calls records;
                          - high payout rates from direct advertisers with a flexible rate increase system;
                          - CPA/CPL;
                          - a gift store and a possibility to win an apartment in Europe!

                          Referral payout service fees are at our expense. The more friends you have, the bigger your income.

                          Details: http://referral.webvork.com/


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                            Кейс с профитом 2485$ на оффере Cardio Balance всего за неделю!

                            Друзья, а помните, мы недавно запустили оффер для профилактики сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний и советовали вам начать на него лить, чтобы в числе первых «собрать сливки»?
                            Мы оказались правы! И этот кейс на Cardio Balance от нашего друга и партнёра — тому подтверждение.

                            Надеемся, что он вдохновит вас на тест нашей новинки, а также поможет принести желанный заработок!

                            Ссылка на кейс: https://bit.ly/3mewEQa


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                              Hi everyone! We at Webvork always think about new content. And so, a publisher once asked us to test their creative and explain to them why Facebook didn’t approve it.
                              That question made us write this article for you.

                              In this article, you sill find a great way to test your creative before service moderation. Let’s go!

                              Read the article here: https://bit.ly/3k56DQD


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                                All we need sometimes is just some basic human… top approved offers!

                                Guys, the last week brought good profit to many of our partners, and this list of top offers to all of us as a result.
                                The first spot was won over by Prostatricum in Czech Republic with a 52% approval rate.
                                Second spot went to Artrolux + with a 42% approval rate. The third place was taken over by Onixan. This anti-fungus remedy showed a 41% approval rate in Italy.

                                Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!