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На 9 октомври стартира регистрацията на домейни .ASIA


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На 9 октомври стартира регистрацията по домейни с окончанието .ASIA
Всеки, който има регестрирана търговска марка в една от 73 страни включени за регистрация в .ASIA преди 6 декември 2006г., ще има възможност да регистрира домейн. От 2008-ма година започва и свободната регистрация.

Повече подробности...

The opening date of the ‘.ASIA’ Sunrise period (the startup process) is approaching and will start for established TRADEMARK holders on October 9th.

Now is a good time to check the eligibility of your application for one of the Sunrise period, or later. If you already have a CURRENTLY REGISTERED trademark (which was applied for prior to December 6th 2006) OR a company (which was registered on or before December 6th 2006) in any of the 73 countries covered by the DotAsia Registry, in the same name as each of the Domain names for which you are applying, you will qualify for application during one of the Sunrise periods.

If this is not the case, you will not able to apply until the Landrush period starting early in 2008. You will also need to establish such a right before you apply – for example by establishing a company in one of the 73 Asian Countries.

Please see DotAsia Charter Eligibility Requirement for more detailed information, as well as a simple flowchart designed to assist you in identifying the correct Sunrise period(s) for your .asia application.

You should also be aware that there will be a non-refundable fee for each domain application submitted during the Sunrise period. While the level of this fee has not been established it is likely to be around US $150 per each domain requested. This will be in addition to the Domain Name Registration Fee.

Asia Registry is not applying the First-Come-First-Serve principle for the Sunrise phase. Instead all applications submitted during each Sunrise period, will be considered as having been submitted at the same time. Should there be more than one application for a Given Domain Name; DotAsia will organize an auction and award the domain name to the highest bidder.

Please access your 1 domain orders at here on the Asia Registry website, using the same user-name and password that you created for your user account with Instra, and identify all the qualified orders you would like to submit in Sunrise phase.

We will advise you when our online registration procedures and form are ready for your use in the near future.

If you have any questions, please address them to

Asia Registry Support Team
Instra Domain Directors